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Defining Dangerousness

Mass shootings highlight a desperate need for formal threat assessment programs to help predict – and thereby prevent- targeted school violence.   Remember, Threat Assessment is proactive approach to assessing, evaluating and intervening in potentially violent...

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Intruder Response for Buses

With the recent hostage event involving a school bus, more calls are coming in about bus intruder response. Can Run-Hide-Fight applied to buses? Sure. But the option of “Drive” should be included. I base this on my training and experience on the Governor’s Detail for...

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How Lockdown Failed Sandy Hook

One week before Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES), the school practiced their lockdown procedures. Sandy Hook did not fail at lockdown.  Lockdown failed Sandy Hook. lock·down  (/ˈläkˌdoun/) Noun:  Compartmentalization or confining to a specific area....

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