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Take this self-guided tour of ERIP and see just how SafePlans can help your organization become better prepared.

Feeling lost on where to start? 

Emergency preparedness with 1PLAN

SafePlans offers an Emergency Preparedness solution called 1Plan. Emergency plans in 1Plan comply with the latest National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) guidelines. View the video below for a short overview of 1PLAN.

There’s an App for That

The Power of ERIP in the Palm of Your Hand…

Access emergency plans, communicate with team members and response agencies, track drills and complete assessments from a mobile device. ERIP is as mobile as you are!


View, develop, share, and maintain emergency plans in the app.


Identify hazards, track drills, and manage compliance with customizable assessments.


Share critical information about your facilities to improve emergency response.


Train Staff on Emergency situations. You’re less likely to panic if you have though about the situation beforehand. View courses in the app.


View scheduled, unscheduled, and overdue drills to track compliance! Manage drills from the palm of your hand!

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We’re Here to Help

Safeplans takes the heavy lifting out of Emergency Preparedness. The ERIP system can come preloaded with eLearning courses, Site Mapping Data, Emergency Plans, Assessments, Resources, etc. enabling you to spend more time educating and less time preparing.

Tailored Emergency Plans

Fill in the blanks for site specific information such as Rally Points, Emergency Contact Number, Shelter Areas, etc.

On Demand eLearning

A Prefilled library of safety courses such as Active Shooter Defense, Bomb Threat, Family Reunification and MUCH more.

Easy Emergency Drills

The Scheduling, tracking, and managing drills has never been easier. Simply select a date and choose the drill type!

Site Mapping

Safeplans can Site Map your location and upload the data into your ERIP system for you…Sit back and relax, we’ve got this.

And Much More!

Plan like a Pro – even if you’re not.