eLearning Training

Make certain staff understand what to do in an emergency. The SafePlans Academy is a Learning Management System that provides interactive courses and tracks progress. Take a look at a few of our eLearning training demo videos below:

Demo: Active Shooter Defense

In an active shooter situation there is precious and little time to act.

Demo: Emergency Readiness

We have an Emergency Readiness course pertaining to each industry!

Demo: Bus Driver Emergency Preparedness

Helps bus drivers respond to emergencies in, near, and outside of the bus.

eLearning Training for Any Industry

We Have Training Solutions Tailored to Specific Industries Click on any Industry for an overview list of sample training courses available for each industry

Interested in Our Online eLearning Courses?

Let us know and we can contact you for further training solutions. Thanks for staying Safe!


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eLearning Training